Grace Petrie


Grace Petrie found herself on a packed main stage on the Friday afternoon of Cambridge Folk Festival 2017 seven years after she stared to attract attention with her emotive anthem Farewell to Welfare, which captured perfectly the spirit of the new wave of dissent in austerity Britain. We welcome her back to MOM.

A folk singer, songwriter and activist from Leicester, she has been writing, recording and touring relentlessly ever since. She has racked up tour supports with Emmy the Great and Billy Bragg, and has also made her mark in the comedy scene supporting comedians Robin Ince and Josie Long. She’s appeared at Glastonbury four times at the invitation of Billy Bragg, as well as an eclectic genre-crossing mix of festivals Latitude, Musicport, Blissfields, Shrewsbury Folk Festival, Greenbelt and more including of course Cambridge Folk Festival. She has collaborated with some of the most respected names in folk, including Leon Rosselson, Roy Bailey and Peggy Seeger.

Her unique takes on life, love and politics, and the warmth and wit with which they are delivered, have won over audiences everywhere, across the alternative, folk, political and comedy scenes, amassing her over 9,000 Twitter followers and nearly 5,000 likes on her band Facebook page and has individual Youtube videos with over 93,000 hits.

She has quietly become one of the most respected songwriters working in the UK today. She is a frequent guest on BBC Radio 4’s the Now Show, has appeared on Channel 4’s Random Acts and has been featured in The Guardian, Diva Magazine and The Independent On Sunday’s 2013 Pink List of influential LGBT figures.

Grace’s young career boasts five DIY albums available only at gigs, with her first full studio album for general release due in autumn 2018.

‘”Hello,” said Grace Petrie sweetly. “I’m a protest singer.” Murmurs of approval. “Actually I’m a socialist, feminist, lesbian, left wing protest singer…” The place erupted.’ -The first lines of The Guardian review of Cambridge Folk Festival 2017

Vishten (Canada)


For over a decade, the Acadian trio Vishtèn has dazzled audiences with its fiery blend of traditional French songs and original instrumentals that fuse Celtic and Acadian genres with a modern rock sensibility and indie-folk influences. Lauded as “traditional but fiercely up-to-the- moment” (Penguin Eggs), this band from Canada’s east coast has been recognized as an ambassador of Francophone culture around the world. They have become one of the most respected on the international folk scene.

The trio comprises multi-instrumentalists Emmanuelle and Pastelle LeBlanc from the Evangeline Region of Prince Edward Island, and Magdalen Islands’ native, Pascal Miousse. Cradled in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, in the North Atlantic Ocean, Prince Edward Island is home to a small but thriving a Francophone Acadian community with a rich tradition of song and instrumental music. Nearby, the even smaller archipelago of the Magdalen Islands (les Îles de la Madeleine) is predominantly Francophone, recognized for its distinctive French dialect, songs and unique fiddling style. All three members of Vishtèn were raised in homes in which traditional music, percussive dance and kitchen parties were part of everyday life. Together, they pay homage to their traditions and to the historic and strong musical connections between their two island Acadian communities.

Habadekuk (Denmark)


Denmark’s Habadekuk are a very welcome addition to the current wave of ‘big band’-style folk groups. Similar to the English band Bellowhead, the members of Habadekuk are drawn from numerous bands, projects, and solo endeavours. The wonderful fiddle player Kristian Bugge acts as a kind of master of ceremonies for the eight-member band. While the ensemble take up the occasional song (“Gefion” is a comic tune about life on board a ship with a less-than-competent crew), the main emphasis for Habadekuk is on the tunes and the strong arrangements. As to what is kaffepunch, the Danish recipe calls for coffee, sugar, and schnapps: a marriage of caffeine and drunkenness, which aptly fits Habadekuk.

The horn section – Rasmus Fribo (saxophone), Jacob Holdensen (trumpet), and Anders Ringgaard (trombone) – are incredibly tight. Live, the horns really swing and punch up the melody of the old Danish tunes. Theis Langelands’ piano is also important to the band’s success, because while Langelands can certainly swing and add noticeable salsa influences (“Den Ny Maskerade”), he manages to ground the high-flying band so that they seem to be whooping it up in your neighbor’s living room. Further traditional touches are furnished by Peter Eget’s accordion, and the solid rhythm section of Søren Lund (bass) and Rasmus Brylle (drums) guide Habadekuk through its thrilling repertoire. Polkas, hopsas, jigs, reels: Habadekuk take the old Danish tunes out for a new airing.

Keith Donnelly


Keith Donnelly has been our MC at Music on the Marr since the early days spreading mirth whoever he goes. He brings his own body weight in comedy gold to each and every set. In no particular order, Keith has been described as “a superbly original Stand-Up,” “a great singer-songwriter,” “a fine guitarist,” “a kids entertainer par excellence,” “a stunning storyteller,” and “the cleanest comic I’ve ever seen.” Never were truer words spoken, as you shall see for yourselves when he takes to the stage to delight, amuse and entertain. He has written substantial live Stand-Up routines and TV material for the likes of Phil Cool and Jasper Carrott, as well as having written for TV companies such as Celador (the ‘Who wants to be a Millionaire’ people) and Ragdoll (the ‘Tellytubbies’ people).

Never, ever, offensive – safe to bring your kids, your mother or your great-great-granny too!

Hadrian’s Union


Hadrian’s Union are a five piece Contemporary Folk Indie band from the debateable lands of England and Scotland. They have been resident at MOM  since 2010 and they were signed to Fellside Records in 2013.They now have a new line-up: Stew Simpson (Guitar/Vocals);  BBC 2 Folk Award winners Brian Bell (Bass) and Robin Jowett (Melodeon and Keys) both associated with Whapweasel; BBC 2 Folk Awards  semi-finalist Malcolm Bushby (Violin) previous bands include Folkestra and Tom McConville Band ; David Pratt (Drums) associated with Poison Whiskey Band, Man With Stick and Peg Powler. Influences include: Lindisfarne, Home Service, Stackridge, Bonzo Dog Dooh Dah Band.

Steve Ridley


Steve started playing aged 11 and gigging by 14. His first band was Maureen & The Thunder beats. He has played with Marmalade, The Yardbirds (Jimmy Paige on bass & Jeff Beck on guitar) and The Groundhogs”. He started Soul/R&B Band Uncle Toms Express.

Edward II


Edward II, the English roots band that uniquely blend the rhythms of the Caribbean with traditional songs from the British Isles, spent many months working on a totally new project that temporarily turned away from the rural songs of the middle England Morris teams. This time around the band delved deep into a repertoire of songs born of the industrial revolution, specifically of their home town, Manchester.

Still upbeat, and with rock-steady rhythms, blazing horns, fabulous harmonies and fiery melodeon melodies, the result is a new set mixed with some of the old favourites and a familiar sound for the faithful.
The new repertoire features such unlikely classics as ‘Victoria Bridge on a Saturday Night’ and ‘A New Song on the Great Demonstration, which is to be made on Kersal Moor September 24th, 1838’, and give remarkable insights into the lives of our those living through a time of great change almost 200 years ago.

Not surprisingly, many of the themes are still relevant today with songs of love, loss, poverty and political rights featuring heavily, but in the hands of Edward II, these have been turned into an uplifting celebration of the working people who really forged Manchester and transformed Britain into an Industrial powerhouse.

The songs have been completely reworked into modern roots reggae classics, featuring Glen Latouche’s seductively honeyed lead vocals at the fore and a rock solid rhythm section led by T Carthy providing the irresistible force at the rear. Of course, the band still roam free across the musical spectrum, bringing in dashes of jazz and soul alongside the reggae and folk, but always with an air of good humour and, more than anything, a desire to make you dance.

Yves Lambert Trio( Canada)


Yves Lambert is well known for his charisma and generosity on stage, and is considered a reference point when it comes to Quebecois folk music. Certain Quebecois critics even regard him as a guiding light on the whole subject of Quebec’s cultural heritage.  Through his long-time association with the band La Bottine Souriante, Yves Lambert was a founding member and pillar of the group from 1976 to 2002. For the past 30 years M. Lambert has been a driving force in giving traditional music the place that it deserves beyond the Quebec and Canadian borders, and now continues to pursue the adventure with his Yves Lambert Trio

He has a great capacity to give a contemporary sense to the traditional song because his choices are made with the same vital personal concerns and preoccupations. For him the content is essential to keep his music vibrant and not being caught in any one rigid style of expression.  Furthermore, he has a great capacity for versatile interpretation … he can sing rock music, or children’s songs, or more bluesy arrangements – and all the while representing traditional music as one of its leading figureheads.

The trio also features: Olivier Rondeau (guitars and voice) a specialist in jazz guitar. He has played with several jazz and pop-rock bands. He contributes to the fundamental band dynamics with his youth, cheerful motivation and his exceptional, inspired and versatile instrumentalist talents.

Tommy Gauthier (violin, bouzouki, mandolin, vocals) His versatility and his natural sense of improvisation add a great deal to the band. He plays different styles including jazz, traditional and country music.

Yves will always remain the explorer for which his legendary joviality and his genuine nature seals the pact between maturity, finesse and entertainment!

Trio Dhoore (Belgium)


Trio Dhoore Are a young band of monstrously musical brothers from Flanders. Championed by fRoots magazine, their first appearance in the UK at Sidmouth Folk festival in summer 2016 was a rip-roaring success, swiftly followed by universally-applauded shows at Homegrown Festival/EfEx. They are a stand out act!

Their “rooted folk music” breathes life, freedom and energy into a repertoire of traditional Flemish tunes (and the occasional song) and their own self-penned material. They create an immersive soundscape where folky grooves, melancholy melodies and intuitive interplay combine to unique effect. Thrillingly modern in approach, engaging in style, modest and technically outstanding in execution. This is what blood-harmony sounds like in instrumental form!

Koen (electro-acoustic hurdy-gurdy), Hartwin (diatonic accordion) and Ward Dhoore (acoustic guitar/mandolin) have honed their pure acoustic sound and refreshing arrangements with live work at prestigious events throughout mainland Europe over the past few years, as well as two acclaimed album releases. Their last recent album, Momentum, expresses that critical moment, the tipping point when sufficient energy is set free to enable change; the moment to seize a new opportunity. Trio Dhoore are ready to seize opportunities with all six hands!

“Technical excellence and rare musicality of all three.” fRoots

“Music that captures the imagination.” Folk World Magazine

“Trio Dhoore brilliantly typifies the young generation of Flemish folk musicians” Rudolstadt Festival