Is there anything for kids to do?

Children's entertainmentWe pride ourselves on being a child friendly festival. To prove it, everyone under the age of 16 is allowed in for free.

There’s lots of space for kids to just generally muck about, make new friends and explore in the old fashioned way. There are numerous child focused workshops and activities – in the past, they’ve included drumming, ukulele, guitar, gamelan and many others. There are woods, rivers and tracks to explore.

The campsite is very friendly. If it’s wet, then Carlisle has lots to offer and there’s a great indoor play area at Walby farm just a few miles away. And be aware that all stewards are aware of our child protection policy too. We quite like it when it seems like children go a bit feral at Music on the Marr……we haven’t banned computer games yet but we might do one day……

I can only come on one day is that OK?

That’s absolutely fine – we have tickets available for the whole weekend, for individual days or for just parts of individual days.

You can just turn up and pay at the festival – but you might want to think about booking ahead just to make sure we don’t sell out.

Can I bring my dog?

Dogs are welcome at Music on the Marr. But not in The Duke of Cumberland pub.

Please clean up after them everywhere and keep them under control. This is sheep rearing country; farmers are within their rights to shoot first and ask you if you mind after. This is not a joke. A black lab was shot for sheep worrying a few years ago. Follow the Countryside Code.

Keep your dog on a lead. Take particular care to avoid fields where there are sukler cows with calves and young horses even if there is a footpath. However, if cattle or horses chase you and your dog, it is safer to let your dog off the lead – don’t risk getting hurt by trying to protect it. Your dog will be much safer if you let it run away from farm animals in these circumstances and so will you.

Check if in doubt about where open access land is. You must keep your dog on a lead on open access land to protect ground nesting birds between 1 March and 31 July.

The Duke always has a bowl of water for thirsty canines. And we always have a smile on our faces when we see a dog having fun.

Here is our film about dogs on the Marr.

Are there any facilities in the village?

AntiquesYes there are. We have a church, a school, a pub, a phone box, a letter box a village hall and now 4G Internet access for Vodafone and O2.

The Duke will be open throughout the festival selling fantastic food and drink – quite simply, the festival couldn’t exist without it. Phone signal isn’t the best in Castle Carrock so be aware – if you ask nicely in the Duke, they might let you use their wifi. More recently signal for O2 and Vodafone has improved massively, however there are still a few poor spots.

We are very sorry to say the shop in the village has closed recently, for anything not available from the festival stalls, the closest shops are in the neighbouring town of Brampton about four miles away.

Find out more about facilities in Castle Carrock.

Where is Castle Carrock

Castle CarrockWe think the world revolves around Castle Carrock. So if we all imagine that the village is at the centre of the universe, then Carlisle is 10 miles to the west along the A69, Newcastle is 60 miles to the east going the other way along the A69, and Hadrian’s Wall is 5 miles to the north.

Brampton railway station is just 3 miles to the north and Brampton itself is the nearest shopping town with a supermarket, bank, post office etc. Lots more information on the Castle Carrock website.

Where can I get a wash?

If you’re camping, then there will be hot showers awaiting you in cubicles in the field where you’ll be resting your weary heads. If you fancy going au naturelle, then the River Gelt has some fabulous swimming to be had. Just ask a local. Loos are also available in the Duke and in the Watson Institute.

What else is there to do in CC ?

There are numerous lovely walks in and around the village. A leisurely stroll around the reservoir takes about 45-60 minutes. You might even see a red squirrel. Or you could explore the lonnings. Or you could go around past Nixon Head near Tottergill. Or you could go for a lovely walk in Geltsdale – either leave your car at Jockey Shield or walk up from the village. A circuit taking in the Greens might take you 90-120 minutes. Have a look inside our church, St Peters. Go and see Dave’s pottery. Other ideas are on the Castle Carrock website.