MOM 18. Likely line-up.

Thursday 19th July

The Tenmores

The Bottle Bank Band



Friday 20th July

Delta Sunrise

The Geltdsdale Singers

Daoiry Farrell (Ireland)

Trail West (Tiree)


Saturday 21st July

Daoiri Farrell (Ireland)

Andy May Trio

Steve Ridley

The Agenda

North Cumbria Schools

The D’Ukes

Celia Ketchell

Quiet Loner (Matt Hill) Reformers, revolutionaries, chartists and suffragettes.

Roy Bailey

Estble (Belgum)

Trio Dhoore (Belgium)

Stick in the Wheel

Yves Lambert (Canada)

Fire Show

Edward II


Sunday 22nd July

Grace Petrie

Keith Donnelly

Estbel  ( Belgium)

Trio Dhoore (Belgium)

Hadrians Union

Louise Jordan. No Petticoats Here; Women of WWI

Ben Draper

Opera –Lele

Joshua Burnell Band

Vishten ( Canada)

Habedekuk (Denmark)