19:30 - Idiot & Friend

Les Barker and Keith Donnelly first formed this unholy alliance when they decided to share the stage at the Australian National Festival in front of 55,000 people! They were billed as “The Laughing Stock of Great Britain”. The audience was treated to a very special fusion of two VERY great comedy talents, and simply refused to let the dynamic duo off the stage!

Experience this for yourselves.  Not to be missed!

Les Barker writes strange poems and comes originally from Manchester, but he's now Welsh.  He was an accountant before he became a professional idiot. He's written hundreds of books, which sell in large numbers at his gigs because people don't quite believe what they've just heard.

Keith Donnelly can make you laugh, cry or make you do anything you may or may not want to do. He is an accomplished singer guitarist and writer of national fame.  He has written for the likes of Jasper Carrot and Phil Cool.