15:30 - Ursula Holden Gill

Ursula Holden Gill is a one woman tour de force; Storyteller, Myth Maker, Comedienne & Curator.

An award-winning actress and a familiar face on screen, in recent years she has established herself as a unique and pertinent storytelling talent, both in Britain and beyond; winning audiences over in Belgium, China, Ireland and South America. Working across the performance, education and community sectors alike, to date, Ursula has generated firm links with institutions such as Action for Children, Opera North, Settle Stories, Social Services, and The National Trust.

From her stunningly characterised adaptations of traditional folk and fairy tales (and especially the Witching Tales of her native Lancashire / West Yorkshire border) to her signature streetwise, savvy, self–penned originals, Ursula is well known to make her crowds laugh and cry, think, reflect and roar again; all in the space of half an hour… a shape-shifting scallywag, truly one to watch!

In 2012 Ursula was voted Best Newcomer at The British Awards for Storytelling Excellence.

Saturday Afternoon - Boggarts & How to Trick Them

Small gnome like creatures called Boggarts have been living wild on the moors around here since before time began. For centuries they managed to exist peaceably alongside humans, keeping themselves well hidden in ditches and hedgerows and appearing only to unsuspecting travellers with the promise of a trick if no treat was forthcoming. But gradually humans over farmed the moors, burnt them, built on them and polluted them with their factories and so the Boggarts got angry and became more goblinesque. They set about sneaking down into town and causing a right rumpus. And indeed, they still do. Quick to shapeshift, slippery in their speech and fast on their humungous hairy feet so their pranks all look like your fault, the stories you’ll hear on this Boggarts & How to Trick Them Trail won’t only protect you from the wily ways of these halflings but will also teach you how to identify, outwit and even befriend one!

Sunday Morning - The Queen & The Jester

The Queen is troubled and searching for asolution in story, so she calls upon the Royal Court Jester to cheer her with some songs. However, the Royal Court Jester is a law unto himself and knows better than to pander to the Queen’s fickle fancies. Join him in his attempt to pacify her Highness, whilst amusing the Royal Subjects, pleasing himself and ultimately striving to keep his head intact!

Sunday Afternoon - A Midsummer Night’s Dream

With her very own version of A Midsummer Night’s Dream Ursula takes up the plays poignant themes of arranged marriage, rebellion, awakening and acceptance and presents them in an insightful and thoroughly uplifting retelling of the Shakespeare classic, in plain English (apart from a peppering of verse) and with bags of mischief, music & jaw dropping background into the significance of all the old midsummer mayhem. For adults and children 6+.

Sunday Afternoon - Little Man Jack a Magical Adventure for Curious Children

Long before Harry Potter was even thought of, there was Jack. In ‘Little Man Jack’ Ursula transports one of England’s oldest and most well loved children’s story characters firmly into the 21st century with seamlessly interwoven tale telling, music & heaps of interaction. Join Jack on his ongoing quest to please his poor mother and meet all the magical friends and creatures that help or hinder his journey.