15:15 - Arthur Coates with Kerran Cotterell

Multi instrumentalist Arthur Coates is from rural Aberdeenshire and has been playing fiddle since the age of 7. His first teacher Sharon Hassan was a very big influence in his musical development.  He was inspired to take up the guitar by John Coletta (The Humpff Family). At the age of 12 Arthur was awarded a scholarship to attend the ‘Aberdeen City Music School’ to study Fiddle and Guitar. Here he was taught by Jonny Hardie (Old Blind Dogs) who remains a huge influence, as is ‘Le Vent Du Nord’.

Arthur was invited to join ‘Aff Oor Hieds’ as the groups guitarist and went on to form ‘The Rowies’ with vocalist Ellie Beaton.  They supported ‘Rant’, ‘The Nordic Fiddlers Bloc’, ‘Session A9’, ‘The Crooked Brothers’ and ‘The Old Blind Dogs’.  In September 2017 he formed a new band ‘Tolquhon’ with Duncan Ritchie (Accordion), Douglas Barber (Percussion, Jaw Harp) and Patrick Gray (Piano). Again the format proved successful and in 2018 the group did over 35 shows, including an extensive tour of England. They released their debut album in October 2018.

2019 marks the start of a new project for Arthur, as he will release and tour a brand new album and show. This album will be released in May. It features just Fiddle, Guitar, Vocals and Podorythmie (Foot Percussion).

“Arthur thrives on performance and collaboration with other musicians, but is also a brilliant multi-instrumentalist in his own right” - Jonny Hardie, Old Blind Dogs

Have a look at the promo for his new album here: