18:00 - Kinfolk

Brian McDaid and Gerry Power met in the south of England in the early 2000's. Both had been playing in various bands and musical collaborations over many years. Their backgrounds are strikingly similar. Brian was born in Glasgow, Scotland. His parents are from Donegal and Fermanagh in Ireland.  Born in London, Gerry is also of Irish descent, with parents from Cork. Their musical heritage is also similar, both influenced by traditional and contemporary folk music from Ireland, Scotland and England. And in 2006, Kinfolk was born. Their debut album, 'This Land', was critically acclaimed. There was a significant amount of airplay and this resulted in 'This Land' being on a number of radio station's 'Album of the Week' playlists. These included BBC Radio Scotland 'Take The Floor', BBC Radio Oxford 'Irish Eye' - including a live studio session and numerous internet radio stations including Celtic Radio, a one hour feature with live radio interview and Celtic Rock (Germany).

Their second album ‘Long Time Gone’ followed in 2015 when they were joined by fiddle player Michael Sanderson (now a ‘local’ having moved to the Eden Valley in 2017) and through his exceptional playing throughout the album, another dimension has been added. In recent years they have also been joined in performance by the multi-skilled bass player John Joce.

"..great original songs and a unique sound" - Celtophilia

"They make amazing music...vocally and instrumentally they are excellent...beautiful songs distilled by grace and beauty" -The Celtic Music Fan.