22:00 - Tide Lines

Tide Lines are 4 talented young musicians originally from the Highlands of Scotland, who have been making waves around Europe’s festivals  with packed out shows.

Forged from the literature and music of the areas where they grew up, Tide Lines meld romantic, rural life with a record collection of classic American songwriters. Imagine, if you will, a 70’s Springsteen and an E-Street band with bagpipes and electronics, combined with sizzling electric guitar, drums and soaring vocals. In just under 2 years they have gone from some digital singles to a debut album - Dreams We Never Lost -  with almost 3 million spotify streams, and well over 15,000 CD sales (solely from after gig sales and direct from the band), peaking at #16 in the iTunes download chart. 

Whilst still in their (very) early 20s singer Robert Robertson and multi-instrumentalist Ross Wilson were a substantial part of Skipinnish, but left to set up their own band in late 2016.  2 became 4 and 4 became Tide Lines when Alasdair Turner (guitar & bagpipes) and Fergus Munro (drums) were recruited. A clutch of digital singles saw a fervent online fanbase grow rapidly, consuming in their thousands everything from a limited pressing of their debut album to a rampant demand for concert tickets.

Tide Lines are a band who are rapidly realising their dreams, and making waves as they aim for the far side of the world… and beyond!