15:15 - Hadrian's Union

Hadrian’s Union are a five piece Contemporary Folk Rock band from the debatable lands of England and Scotland. The name originates from the locality and mindset of the band drawn from various points along Hadrian's Wall. They come from a variety of music genres: Folk, Punk, Rock, Blues, Celtic, Jazz and  Ska which is reflected  in the variety of the music they create.

The music is varied and HU's shows and recordings are an exciting experience. Waltzes, ballads, music hall, Morris, jiggs ,reels and drinking songs can all be found in the Union; some of it delivered with a political edge and a helping of daftness. HU will not be pigeon holed into a single category but can often be found at Folk festivals in the loosely termed Folk Rock section; they are at home as much at a rock show as they are in a folk club, and to boot they love a bit of Steampunk too.