21:00 - Merry Hell

A big welcome back to Music on the Marr for multi award winning Merry Hell with their joyful, uplifting folk-rock and a message for troubled times. Native to the North-West of England, the 8 piece musical charabanc was built from the embers of the much loved folk punk band The Tansads, developing a life and feel all of its own. Their energy and passion is complimented by their love of what they do and desire to share hope and togetherness with as many people as are willing to listen.

Through 5 well received albums and hundreds of gigs, they’ve offered voices of hope and beacons of light to anyone valuing both melody and positive humanity. Their live appearances have won many admirers, a recent review referred to "every performance is a celebration" and they are currently holders of Folking.com's Best Live Band Award. The band appear as either a full electric 8 piece or a slimmed down, more acoustic 6 piece.

Watch Merry Hell perform their alternative national anthem "Come On, England !" :