19:00 - Amy Hill

Amy is a 24 year old musician from the Scottish borders. She likes to believe that the songs she writes reflect the landscapes in which she has grown up - or at least those are often what she thinks of when she sings them. Yet, when she sees her own words before her, she says she finds that they seem to more ardently reflect the relationships she has grown up with.  

In 2017 she released her debut EP, ‘Getting Ready for a Swim’, alongside friend and fiddle-player Cameron Newell. The tracks on the album are rooted in the nature and sounds of the East Neuk, and the album itself was like a collaborative effort, with friends and family contributing to the album’s artwork, photography and the recording process.

Over the past year she's been travelling and also working with refugees in Northern Greece. She spent around 6 months with the grassroots community centre ‘We Are Here’ in the Nea Kavala Refugee Camp in Northern Greece, teaching music, singing and English. She also travelled to Cuba and Jamaica, taking music lessons and working in community projects.