We Are Green

We think the best way to deal with recycling is not to create rubbish in the first place and we have been working hard to reduce it. As usual you will be asked to pay a £2 deposit for your refillable and durable polycarbonate pint, half pint or wine glass. At the end of the day or at the end of the festival hand it in and get your £2 back. Alternatively, take it home with you as a memento and bring it back next year.

We are determined to reduce single use plastic waste even further. If you have a water bottle please refill it from the tap near the school. We will be happy to sell you one of our new MoM branded reusable water bottles at a modest price. We also have a variety of reusable coffee mugs on sale – some in bone china. In this way we will reduce the plastic waste, and other stuff created by our festival, going into land fill.

Most of the food you will buy at MoM this year is sourced, produced, cooked and served by local people and presented in compostable containers. Many of the used containers will be given to our allotmenteers to help produce more food. We encourage you to bring your own cups and plates.

If you create rubbish please take it home with you. If you can’t, we have been working with Cumbria Waste Recycling Ltd to make recycling easier. You will find clearly marked bins around the site; please use them.