Artisans' Market

It’s not only about the music and the beer! Once again the Pennine Artisans will be putting on a fine display of locally created arts and crafts. Located in the Watson Institute (aka the village hall), between the music marquee and the Magnificent Tea Emporium, you will find the work of 10 different artist/makers all under one roof. Everything from handmade chocolate to fine art with lots in between. Come and visit us – we’ll be opening up on Friday 19th at 6pm with a glass of wine & some nibbles, and will then be open for the whole time that the festival is on until 10pm on Sunday 21st.

Hangman & Blacksmith

The Hangman and Blacksmith are two friends (Ailsa and Sue) who have been making beautiful and unique precious metal jewellery together for the past 6 years, although we have both been making jewellery individually for much longer. Our jewellery is hand made in Cumbria, using both the highest quality new materials available and recycled scrap. We also rescue old and unused silver articles and refashion them into fun jewellery.

Jenia Gorfunkel

Jenia works with recycled glass, sourced mainly from bottles. She designs and makes a range of items for the home using fused glass. She also makes silver and glass jewellery. Jenia’s designs and choice of medium are informed by her concern for the future of our environment and the desire to lead and promote a sustainable lifestyle.

Mark Bradley

I am mainly a watercolour artist looking towards abstraction, but never quite getting there. My motivation is a desire to create a work that fulfils this challenge. I tend to work wet in wet and hope for the best. When this fails I throw pots and make clay sculptures. Instagram: bradleymark671


Addicted to the incessant stabbing of a tiny barbed needle into natural fibres to create animals, plants, rocks and natural forms, my very being goes into every piece I make. I prefer to think of myself as a Fibre Artist, somewhere in-between a sculptor and textile artist.

Tricia Meynell

Specialising in abstract photography, my work crosses the borders between photography and painting. Inspired by the wonderful scenery around me, I strive to make images which reflect that beauty in an unusual way. It’s all about the light!

Hilary Harrison

Hilary moved to Cumbria from Cambridgeshire in 2002 to attend Cumbria Institute of the Arts where she studied for a degree in Applied Arts. She now lives in here and works from home making thrown, hand built and slip cast work. In 2012 she joined The Fountain Gallery in Wigton as a founder member.

Black Cat Bling

Hand crafted jewellery including crocheted crystal, leather bracelets, chokers and ear rings.

Moira Penrose

Moira Penrose has been a consultant for Partylite candles for over 15 years. The candles are made in Cumbria using finest quality wax and fragrance from top perfume houses. The candle holders are unique to Partylite and cannot be bought in shops, only from consultants like myself.

Polly Marix Evans

Her most recent prints feature fairytale, mythical and empowering imagery - wolves, dragons, moons, wild winter trees and strong women - alongside stylised text. These dark prints often feature bright dashes of colour, either printed before the main image or applied with a brush once the main linocut print is dry.

Paul Thompson

Paul Thomson is a Cumbrian based photographer living in Castle Carrock near the Lake District. With a love for the outdoors and the special landscapes surrounding him such as the North Pennines right on his doorstep, he is spoilt for choice for subjects to photograph. His goal is to capture these beautiful locations and share the magic of the area with everyone.